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Banquet Room Limited Menu

How it Works

When choosing a “restaurant style” dining experience, your guests choose from a limited menu, previously arranged by you, at the time of your event.  The choices consist of many of our guests’ favorites from our restaurant menu. We will print personalized menu cards with your selections on each card.

As the host, you may choose up to 3 different starters, 2 soup/salad items, 3 different entrees (for guest counts below 25), including pastas and entrée salads. For guest counts over 25, you may choose 4 different entrees. These choices must be made at least 3 days prior to your event. We also require that you inform us if you would like to have desserts offered or not. You may choose to offer fewer than the above amounts, but not more. Additional menu items may be considered, but any special requests must be approved by the catering coordinator.

Payment options include: One check to be paid by the event host, Individual checks for each member of your party, or one check for all food items to be paid by the host with individual drink tabs. As the host, you may also choose to pay for some of your guests’ drinks, up to a pre-determined dollar amount, and then require individual drink tabs. Regardless of what type of payment option you choose, 5% Service Charge and 15% auto-gratuity will be added to all checks.

Below you will find our Banquet Room restaurant style limited menu!



—  Polenta Fries  —
Crispy fried parmesan polenta sticks, served Creole remoulade dipping sauce   9

—  Jalapeno Poppers  —
Fresh roasted jalapeno halves stuffed with seasoned cheddar & cream cheese, topped with bacon   9

—  Parmesan Artichoke Dip  —
Our famous parmesan artichoke dip served with toasted crostini   11

—  Dungeness Crab Parmesan Artichoke Dip  —
Our famous parmesan artichoke dip loaded with fresh Dungeness Crab & served with toasted crostini   19

—  Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms  —
Mushroom caps stuffed with bacon parmesan stuffing & roasted garlic butter   8

—  Firecracker Shrimp  —
Lightly fried shrimp tossed in sriracha aioli   11



—  soup / salad  —

—  Clam Chowder Cup  —
Homemade New England style Clam Chowder   4

—  Seasonal Soup Cup 
Please inquire about our current selection   4

—  House Salad  —
Mixed greens, cucumber, dried cranberries & homemade croutons tossed in your choice of homemade dressing   5.5

—  Caesar Salad  —
Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons & aged parmesan tossed in our homemade Caesar dressing   6.5

—  Entrées  —

Served with Yukon mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

—  Herb Roasted Chicken Breast  —
Pan seared 8 oz herb roasted chicken breast topped with sliced Roma tomato over a bed of wilted spinach   16

—  Lemon Garlic Chicken  —
Pan seared 8 oz chicken breast with melted feta, grape tomatoes, and fresh lemon   17

—  Bone-In Pork Chop*  —
12 oz grilled White Marble Farms pork chop covered in our garlic cream sauce with bacon & mushroom   24

—  Grilled Sockeye Salmon*  —
6 oz fillet of wild caught Alaskan Sockeye salmon topped with a delicious dill cream sauce   25

—  Chicken Marsala  —
Pan seared 8 oz chicken breast sautéed in a rich Marsala sauce with mushrooms   18

—  Filet Mignon*  —
USDA Choice 8 oz Filet Mignon   36

—  New York Steak*  —
USDA Choice 12 oz New York Steak   32

—  Ribeye Steak*  —
USDA Choice 12 oz New York Steak   32

—  pasta  —

Pasta dishes are served with grilled garlic bread

—  Grilled Chicken Linguine  —
Grilled chicken linguine with your choice of White Wine Cream sauce or Pomodoro red sauce   19

—  Macaroni & Cheese  —
Tillamook Special Reserve, fontina & gouda cheese blend with shallots & white wine   14

Add Dungeness Crab   8          Add Grilled Chicken   6
         Add Prawns   7        Add Bacon   2          Add BBQ Pulled Pork   5        Add Italian Sausage   6

—  dessert  —

—  Peanut Butter Pie  —
Rich, homemade peanut butter pie with Oreo crust, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache   8 

—  New York Cheesecake  —
Classic, homemade New York cheesecake with graham cracker crust. Topped with your choice of chocolate or raspberry sauce   7 

—  Ice Cream Sundae  —
Three scoops of Lopez Island Creamery vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles   7  

—  Rotating Desserts  —
Please inquire about our selection of rotating desserts