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                                                                                            Pale ale / ipa

Hoppy Trails Juicy Pale                       Trails End / 20 Corners      Woodinville, WA                 5.5%      

Trails End's house beer brewed by 20 Corners! Hoppy Trails offers a distinctive twist on the classic pale ale. Juicy in appearance with fruity and tropical notes jumping out of the glass at you from the Azacca, Amarillo, Citra, & Cascade hops. This juicy pale features all the wonders of an IPA but without any lingering bitterness! Hard to just have one…..Cheers

Universale Pale Ale                                Fremont Brewery                Seattle, WA                          5.6%   

Offers a distinctive NW twist on the classic pale ale, using a select blend of pale roasted malt and Old-World malts balanced with classic Northwest hops to achieve a heavenly beer of rich malt flavor and hop spice.                     

Pallet Jack IPA                                         Barley Browns                      Baker City, OR                      7.0%       

The awesome blend of columbus, citra, amarillo and simcoe hops bombard this ipa with flavors of citrus, tropical fruit, and a little bit of pine. The light malt flavor comes from 2-row barley and a touch of crystal malt.

Bodhizafa IPA                                             Georgetown Brewing         Seattle, WA                          6.9%      

This IPA gets its light silky texture from rolled oats. The flavor and aroma both express mandarin and citrus all around. Over five pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly Bodhilicious!

Mind Haze IPA                                 Firestone Walker                 Paso Robles, CA                   6.2%   

From the coast of California comes Mind Haze, a free-spirited beer made to elevate your perceptions—juicy yet balanced, hazy yet lasting, and loaded with an imaginative array of tropical hop flavors.

Ripe N’ Juicy Double IPA                   Silver City Brewery             Silverdale, WA                     8.0%             

Like cutting into a fresh cantaloupe... if it were filled with a metric sh*t-ton of ripe, fragrant hops soaked in pineapple juice. Ripe ‘N Juicy gains its signature dense, hazy body from the reaction of a specialized yeast strain with a hearty dose of flaked wheat. A massive canvas for a brilliantly fruity hop experience.

Kung Fu Bar IIPA                              Melvin/Revision Collaboration                                        10.4%

Melvin has recently discovered their doppelganger, Revision Brewing was hiding out in the Nevada desert. A small brewery with big dreams loading up their beers with all the hops they can get their hands on. Dry hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic, this imperial IPA opens with ripe, fuzzy peach, passionfruit and key limes aromas.

Winter Ale / Porter / Stout / Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout 

Imperial Winter Ale                       Fremont Brewing                Seattle, WA                          8.0%

This is a tasty Winter Ale to snuggle up to, released for the winter months when snow blankets the terrain of the mind and the body craves warmth. Winter Ale is dark like the weather with roast chocolate and warm malt flavors.  

Reuben’s Robust Porter                     Reuben’s Brews                   Seattle, WA                          5.9% 

The Robust Porter traces its recipe back to Adam’s homebrewing roots. A roasty brew with coffee and chocolate in the nose. Balanced by caramel and a medium full, malty mouthfeel with a little smoke in the finish. 

Waves of Silence: CAPSIZE                 Fort George Brewing          Astoria, OR                           9.0% 

Fort George has a long held fascination with stouts. Waves of Silence allows the brewery to explore the darker recesses of their recipe books. What do they hold? The possibilities are fathomless. CAPSIZE is brewed with hazelnut and coconut and plenty of oats. Each wave will be a unique experience.

Campfire Stout                                         Highwater Brewery            San Jose, CA                         6.5%

They put over 4 lbs per bbl of Graham crackers in the mash, used chocolate malt and to top it off added a natural toasted marshmallow flavor to make this a S’more in a glass!

Pilsner / Kolsch / Blonde / Hef / Belgian 

Veltins Pilsener                                         Brauerei C. & A. Veltins     Germany                               4.8%          

A crisp, clean, refreshing classic German pilsener. Prost!

Chuckanut Kolsch                                  Chuckanut Brewery            Bellingham, WA                  5.0%           

It’s very pale in color and the aromatics are a light mélange of hops, malt, and fruit. The Kolsch Beer maintains a bitterness that is quite restrained, although the palate is light-bodied and bone-dry.

805 Blonde Ale                                Firestone Walker                 Paso Robles, CA                   4.7% 

A light, refreshing blonde ale created for the laid-back Californian lifestyle. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by just a touch of hops, creating a versatile beer with a clean finish.

Scud Runner Hefeweizen                  20 Corners Brewing            Woodinville, WA                 5.3%         

2018 Washington Brewers Choice Awards Gold Medal. Classic German wheat beer, Scud Runner’s cloudy golden appearance stems from a large proportion of wheat in the grain bill, but what really makes this beer special is a unique German yeast that delivers flavors of banana, clove, and a hint of bubblegum.

PranQster Golden Ale                   North Coast Brewing          Fort Bragg, CA                      7.6%

Belgian Ales represent the height of the brewer’ art. PranQster follows this tradition using a mixed culture of antique yeast strains that produce a floral nose, a full fruity flavor, and a clean finish.

Belgian Strong Dark Ale                   pFriem Brewing                   Hood River, OR                    10.5%

Dense off-white foam on top of a dark russet body with hues of crimson red. Aromas of fig, stewed cherries, and a touch of clove. Full, rich, creamy flavors of ripe bananas, chocolate covered figs, and ripe plums fill the mouth. The mouth is left smooth with a touch of warmth, and a lifting bitterness.

Amber / RED / Brown / Scotch Ale

African Amber                             Mac & Jack’s Brewery                Redmond, WA                     5.8%  

A clean, mild, bready immediate taste, with a hazelnut-caramel finish/aftertaste.

Free Range Red                                       Laurelwood Brewing Co.   Portland, OR                         5.6%

This rich copper-colored Northwest style red is medium in body. Its caramel sweetness blends with smooth hop flavors to create a balanced and drinkable beer.

Hazelnut Brown Nectar                 Rogue Ales                           Newport, OR                        5.6%

Dark brown in color with a hazelnut aroma, a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish.

Boundary Bay Scotch Ale                   Boundary Bay Brewery      Bellingham, WA                 6.4%

With a similar malt profile to its more famous cousin Scotch whisky, this smooth, strong beer is complex with a delicious malt profile followed by a lingering sweet finish           

Hard CideR

Pineapple Cider                                        Ace Cider                               Sebastopol, CA                    5.0%          

The world’s first pineapple cider! A crisp and refreshing, tropical libation you won’t want to miss!

Lemon Basil Cider                               One Tree Hard Cider           Spokane, WA                       6.5%        

This cider is the perfect complement to some summer fun, or if you are stuck inside and just want to get that brief glimpse of how much fun the rest of us are having. Real lemon and fresh basil make this a sassy bouquet of awesome!

Blackberry Cider                                      Avid Cider Co.                     Bend, OR                               6.2%         

A deep hue of purple fills the glass as they took zero short-cuts with this fine blend of blackberries and elderberries. The tartness of the blackberries is rounded out by the complex characteristics of the elderberries. Filled with tannins the cider leaves a delightful dry and rich finish. Cheers to NW berries.

The Bad Apple Cider                              2 Towns Ciderhouse           Corvallis, OR                         10.5%

A semi-dry, bold cider, aged with brandy-cured Oregon white oak, offering complex oak tannins and rich vanilla notes. Hints of sweetness derived from local meadow foam honey make this a cider to savor.


Spada “OCA” Oud Bruin               Spada Farmhouse Brewing   Snohomish, WA                   6.8%

Oud Bruin base aged 8 months in a freshly emptied Skip Rock rum barrel, with 2 Brett strains. Midway through aging cranberries, cinnamon, cacao nibs and coffee are added directly to the barrel. Starts savory with a touch of earthy acidity and finishes with winter spices.

Dark Hymn Sour Ale                         Urban Family                        Seattle, WA                          7.5%

Step into the black with notes of chocolate covered raspberries. With a delightfully rich and complex body, this beer will take you on a journey into the darkness.


Cow Tippin’ Milk Porter                     20 Corners Brewing            Woodinville, WA                 4.5%

Pouring deep brown in color, this porter is brewed with milk sugars to give it a rich creamy mouthfeel, specialty malts lend flavors of roast, milk chocolate, and caramel. Like chocolate milk for adults!

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