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                                                                                            Pale ale / ipa

Hoppy Trails Juicy Pale                       Trails End / 20 Corners      Woodinville, WA                 5.5%                       3.5 / 5 / 10       

Trails End's house beer brewed by 20 Corners! Hoppy Trails offers a distinctive twist on the classic pale ale. Juicy in appearance with fruity and tropical notes jumping out of the glass at you from the Azacca, Amarillo, Citra, & Cascade hops. This juicy pale features all the wonders of an IPA but without any lingering bitterness! Hard to just have one…..Cheers

Universale Pale Ale                                Fremont Brewery                Seattle, WA                          5.6%                       3.5 / 5 / 10       

Offers a distinctive NW twist on the classic pale ale, using a select blend of pale roasted malt and Old-World malts balanced with classic Northwest hops to achieve a heavenly beer of rich malt flavor and hop spice.

Field to Ferment Fresh Hop Pale               Fremont Brewery               Seattle, WA                          6.0%                       3.5 / 5 / 12       

Field to Ferment represents a colossal collaboration between the brewery and our hop farmers. We will make countless trips between the fields in Yakima and the brewery in Fremont, loaded with tens of thousands of pounds of fresh, juicy hops. Nothing is fresher, nothing is better for a brewer. So, please do enjoy this beer absolutely fresh, and enjoy the adventure this beer represents…Because Fresh Hop Beer Matters! “Fresh hops are the best hops.” – VWP                               

Lush IPA                                         Fremont Brewery               Seattle, WA                          7.0%                       4 / 6 / 12

Lush is brewed with hand selected blend of malts & lush, tropical hops reminiscent of lime, mango, and guava.

Wet Exit IPA                                     20 Corners                            Woodinville, WA                 6.5%                       4 / 6 / No GR       

2018 Wet Exit fresh hop IPA featuring Simcoe hops.

Bodhizafa IPA                                             Georgetown Brewing         Seattle, WA                          6.9%                       4 / 6 / 15      

This IPA gets its light silky texture from rolled oats. The flavor and aroma both express mandarin and citrus all around. Over five pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly Bodhilicious!

Double Trouble IPA                            Founders Brewing               Grand Rapids, MI                 8.5%                       6 / 8 / 21      

An imperial IPA that was brewed to turn your world upside down. Hops will get you coming and going. Pungent aromatics up front pair with a malt-balanced backbone and a smooth, bitter finish.

Porter / Stout / Barrel-Aged Barleywine 

Big Black Jack Pumpkin Porter   Oakshire Brewing                Eugene, OR                           7.8%                       4 / 6 / 15  

This dark & distinct beer leans much more heavily on chocolate pumpkin pie than an ordinary pumpkin beer. Its silky smooth texture gives way to a staggering array of spices, a warming alcohol presence, and pure drinking pleasure on a cool day or stormy night. Whether goblins are afoot, you’re lost in a pumpkin patch, or you simply need a chocolatey, pumpkiney, boozy warming of your bones, this Oakshire seasonal is a fan favorite! Cheers

Xocoveza Mocha Stout                       Stone Brewing                     Escondido, CA                      8.1%                       6 / 8 / 21  

Stone Xocoveza, an insanely delicious take on Mexican hot chocolate brewed with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. First brewed in 2014 with San Diego homebrewer Chris Banker after his recipe won our annual homebrew competition, this imperial stout is layered with smooth roastiness, semisweet chocolate and a touch of spice. 

Helldorado Blonde Barleywine   Firestone Walker                 Paso Robles, CA                   12.8%        GIBLET 7 / SCH 10 / No GR

Darker beers like stouts and darker barley wines have typically been the favored candidates for barrel-aging, due to their deeper caramel and roasted flavors. Helldorado breaks that mold with a deep golden color from being brewed solely with English and American pale malts. It may be lighter in color but it is a full-bodied and densely concentrated sipper.

Pilsner / Kolsch / Hefeweizen / Belgian / Oktoberfest 

Veltins Pilsener                                         Brauerei C. & A. Veltins     Germany                               4.8%                      3.5 / 5 / 10          

A crisp, clean, refreshing classic German pilsener. Prost                                          

VagaBlonde Kolsch                         20 Corners Brewing            Woodinville, WA                 5.5%                      3.5 / 5 / 12       

Traditional German style Kolsch coming in at 5.5ABV and 25 IBUs.

805 Blonde Ale                                Firestone Walker                 Paso Robles, CA                  4.7%                       3.5 / 5 / 10  

A light, refreshing blonde ale created for the laid-back Californian lifestyle. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by just a touch of hops, creating a versatile beer with a clean finish.

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hef       Schofferhofer                       Germany                               3.2%                      3.5 / 5 / 10           

As you might’ve guessed we’re from Germany, but what might surprise you is that we’re the world’s first Hefeweizen (wheat beer) grapefruit beer. Best served cold, it’s the perfect casual brew to cool you off during the summer, but it can be enjoyed all year round any time of the day. It’s a true 50/50 blend of total refreshment made from 50% Schofferhofer Hefeweizen blended with 50% carbonated juice of 100% natural ingredients.

Haystack Hefeweizen                      Snoqualmie Brewery          Snoqualmie, WA               5.4%                     3.5 / 5 / 10          

Spicy-citrusy aroma that carries over to a clean, mellow flavor with spice, citrus, and yeast overtones.

Silver City Oktoberfest                   Silver City Brewery              Silverdale, WA                    6.3%                       3.5 / 5 / 12      

Celebrate the season with tradition and authenticity. This classic amber lager presents rich malty sweetness, and a spicy hop character.

French Creek Saison Ale               Spada Farmhouse                Snohomish, WA                    5.5%                        5 / 7 / 21         

This Saison is a combination of new and old. The modern hops blend with the classic farmhouse ale yeast strain to create a balance of citrus notes and fruity esters.

Delirium Tremens                     Brouwerij Huyghe                 Belgium                                 8.5%                       6 / 8 / 21  

This Belgian strong blond ale has a unique taste as the result from the use of three different kinds of yeast.  The taste is characterized by its balance & classic Belgian flavors. The aftertaste is strong, long-lasting and dry bitter.             

Amber / RED

African Amber                             Mac & Jack’s Brewery                Redmond, WA                     5.8%                       3.5 / 5 / 10  

A clean, mild, bready immediate taste, with a hazelnut-caramel finish/aftertaste.

Ridgetop Red                                           Silver City Brewery             Silverdale, WA                    6.0%                       3.5 / 5 / 12      

Washington's Gold Medal Red Ale! Full-bodied and smooth with a sweet caramel flavor balanced with Northwest Liberty hops for a refreshing finish.  

Hard CideR

Blackberry Cider                                      Atlas Cider Co.                    Bend, OR                               6.2%                       4 / 6 / 15          

A deep hue of purple fills the glass as they took zero short-cuts with this fine blend of blackberries and elderberries. The tartness of the blackberries is rounded out by the complex characteristics of the elderberries. Filled with tannins the cider leaves a delightful dry and rich finish. Cheers to NW berries.

Apricot Cider                                      Tieton Cider                         Yakima, WA                          6.9%                       4 / 6 / 15          

When they infuse their crisp apple cider with the tartness of apricot, the apple notes play a supporting role and let the tartness of the apricots shine. You will taste both dry and fresh apricot.

Pacific Pineapple Cider                       2 Towns Ciderhouse           Corvallis, OR                         5.0%                       4 / 6 / 15          

Juicy and tropical, Pacific Pineapple rolls ripe Costa Rica golden pineapples into fresh-pressed Northwest apples. This refreshingly juicy and easy drinking session cider will relax your state of mind, no matter your locale! 

The Bad Apple Cider                              2 Towns Ciderhouse           Corvallis, OR                         10.5%           GIBLET 4 / SCH 6 / GR 21

A semi-dry, bold cider, aged with brandy-cured Oregon white oak, offering complex oak tannins and rich vanilla notes. Hints of sweetness derived from local meadow foam honey make this a cider to savor.


Rodenbach Grand Cru                    Brouwerij Rodenbach         Belgium                                 6.0%                       7 / 9 / 24   

This sour ale is a blend of 1/3 young beer and 2/3 of beer aged 2 years in large oak vats. The more important proportion of oak matured beer contributes to its fruity taste, complexity and intensity. 

Island Crusher Pineapple Sour Ale                    Urban Family Brewing        Seattle, WA                          6.2%       GIBLET 5 / SCH 8 / No GR   

Pink Guava sour ale fermented with Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, and Lactobacillus mixed culture.


Nitro Merlin Milk Stout                 Firestone Walker                 Paso Robles, CA                  5.5%                       3.5 / 5 / No GR

The delicious Velvet Merlin oatmeal stout has been transformed into a mind-blowingly awesome mouthful known as Nitro Merlin Milk Stout. Velvet Merlin is now brewed with milk sugar to create this new brew; the effect is similar to adding cream to your dark roasted coffee.

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