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Food Menu



—  Homemade Potato Chips  —
Yukon Gold potato chips salted to perfection   5.5

—  Polenta Fries  —
Crispy fried parmesan polenta sticks, served with Creole remoulade dipping sauce   8

—  Loaded Chips  —
Homemade Yukon Gold potato chips loaded with cheddar cheese, bacon, chives & served with ranch on the side   9

—  Jalapeno Poppers  —
Fresh roasted jalapeno halves stuffed with seasoned cheddar & cream cheese, topped with bacon   9


—  Parmesan Artichoke Dip  —
Our famous parmesan artichoke dip served with toasted crostini   10
Add Dungeness Crab   6

—  Wood Fire Garlic Bread Bites  —
Our homemade pizza dough baked golden brown, brushed with roasted garlic butter & topped with parmesan cheese. Served with warm marinara for dipping   8   Add side homemade cheese sauce   2

—  Wood Fire Cheesy Bread  —
French bread topped with a creamy cheese spread, mozzarella & parmesan, cooked in our wood fire oven & served with warm marinara for dipping   8

—  Garlic Parmesan Chips  —
Homemade Yukon Gold Potato chips topped with garlic & Parmesan   6.5

—  Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms  —
Mushroom caps stuffed with bacon parmesan stuffing & roasted garlic butter   8

—  Firecracker Shrimp  —
Lightly fried shrimp tossed in sriracha aioli   10

—  Salmon Cakes  —
Sockeye salmon, spinach & red peppers in a pan seared cake served with homemade lemon tarragon aioli over mixed greens   11


—  PANINI  —

LUNCH ONLY     Served from 11am - 4pm daily     Half / Whole

Served on Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery's 100% all natural, no preservatives sourdough

—  The Reuben  —
House braised corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut, caramelized onion & 1000 island dressing served on Wheat Montana's marble rye   9.5 / 13

—  The Italian Stallion  —
Pepperoni, salami, fresh mozzarella, roasted red pepper, wilted spinach & balsamic glaze   9.5 / 13

—  The T.B.C  —
Smoked turkey, bacon & Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese   8 / 11.5

—  The Natural
Mozzarella, tomato, fresh sweet basil & balsamic glaze   8 / 11.5

—  The Smoke Bomb  —
Smoked turkey, smoked gouda, bacon, tomato & honey mustard   9.5 / 13

—  SALADS  —

Blackberry or Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Caesar, 1000 Island, Honey Mustard, Italian & Blue Cheese Dressing

Add grilled chicken breast   6     Add steak*   8     Add salmon fillet*   8     Add salmon cakes   9

—  House Salad  —
Mixed greens, cucumber, dried cranberries & homemade croutons tossed in your choice of homemade dressing   5.5 / 10

—  Caesar Salad  —
Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons & aged parmesan tossed in our homemade Caesar dressing   6.5 / 11

—  Spinach Salad  —
Spinach & sliced mushroom tossed in our warm bacon vinaigrette, topped with diced tomato & a sliced hard boiled egg   11

—  Crispy Chicken Salad  —
Romaine lettuce, crispy chicken strips, bacon, shredded cheddar, diced tomato & peas. Served with homemade honey mustard dressing on the side   14

—  Steak Salad  —
Mixed greens tossed in blue cheese dressing, topped with shaved red onion, tomato wedges, homemade croutons, thinly sliced tender New York steak & Rogue blue cheese crumbles   18

—  Cobb Salad  —
Crisp Romaine hearts topped with grilled chicken breast, diced tomato, fresh avocado, black olive, egg, bacon & Rogue blue cheese crumbles. Served with homemade blue cheese dressing on the side   18

Make any salad a Wrap   1     Wrap with a lunch side   1.50

—  pizza  —

12" Wood Fired pizzas on homemade pizza dough available all day

—  Margherita  —
Fresh Mozzarella, fresh sliced Roma tomato, basil, shaved parmesan & tomato sauce   13.5

—  Pepperoni & Sausage  —
Pepperoni & Kelso's spicy Italian sausage with mozzarella & tomato sauce   14.5

—  Veggie Supreme  —
Artichoke heart, tomato, mushroom, black olive, red onion, sun-dried tomato, spinach, mozzarella & garlic cream sauce   14.5

—  Black & Blue  —
Grilled steak, shaved red onion, Rogue blue cheese crumbles & blue cheese sauce   13.5

—  Garlic Chicken  —
Chicken, bacon, mushroom, shaved garlic, chives, mozzarella & garlic cream sauce   14.5

—  The Luau  —
BBQ pulled pork, bacon, pineapple, red onion, jalapeno, mozzarella & garlic cream sauce. Finished with a drizzle of Gospel sauce   15.5

—  Meat Lovers'  —
Pepperoni, Kelso's spicy Italian sausage, bacon, Genoa salami, mozzarella & tomato sauce   15.5

—  sandwiches  —

—  The Gatherer  —
Herbed cream cheese, fresh avocado, tomato, English cucumber, spinach, red onion, roasted red bell pepper & balsamic glaze on toasted sourdough   13

—  Chicken Parmesan  —
Pan seared chicken breast, provolone, parmesan, fresh basil & homemade marinara on a French roll   15

—  The B.L.T.A  —
Bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, fresh avocado & garlic parmesan aioli on toasted sourdough   14

—  The Club  —
Turkey, ham, bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, provolone, mayonnaise & stone ground mustard on three pieces of toasted sourdough   16

—  Chicken Bacon Ranch  —
Blackened grilled chicken breast, bacon, Swiss, avocado, tomato, romaine lettuce & homemade ranch on a sweet Hawaiian bun   16  

—  BBQ Pulled Pork  —
Slow roasted BBQ pulled pork in a tangy BBQ sauce. Topped with homemade cheese sauce, frizzled onion, and coleslaw on a Hawaiian sweet bun   15

—  Steak Sandwich  —
Tender grilled New York steak, provolone, roasted red peppers, spinach, caramelized onions, balsamic glaze & garlic parmesan aioli on a French roll   16

—  French Dip  —
Slow roasted seasoned roast beef, Havarti cheese & garlic parmesan aioli on a French roll. Served with homemade au jus on the side   15.5     Add caramelized onions   1.5

—  PASTA  —

Pastas dishes served with grilled garlic bread

—  Macaroni & Cheese  —
Tillamook Special Reserve cheddar, fontina & Gouda cheese blend with shallots & white wine   13
Add:  Dungeness Crab 6   Chicken 4   Bacon 2   BBQ Pork 4   Filet Mignon Tips* 6   Italian Sausage 5   Prawns* 6   Jalapeno 1

—  Beef Stroganoff*  —
Tender filet mignon tips, sauteed onion, mushroom & egg noodles in a homemade sour cream sauce   20

—  Surf n' Turf Penne*  —
Prawns, tender filet mignon tips, pepperoni, bell pepper, onion & parmesan tossed in a spicy chipotle cream sauce   22

—  Build your own Linguine  —
White wine cream or pomodoro red sauce & choice of protein to build your own linguine   11
Add:  Grilled Chicken Breast 6   Prawns & Sea Scallops* 10   Dungeness Crab 6   Italian Sausage 5   Bacon 2

—  Entrées  —

Served with seasonal vegetables & your choice of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes or roasted rosemary potatoes    (Entrée sides are not available until 4pm daily)

Add side House Salad 4     Add side Caesar salad 5     Add a cup of soup 2.5

—  Lemon Garlic Chicken  —
Pan seared 8 oz lemon garlic chicken breast topped with crumbled feta cheese & grape tomato   16

—  Bone-in Pork Chop*  —
12 oz grilled pork chop covered in our garlic cream sauce with bacon & mushroom   22

—  Grilled Sockeye Salmon  —
6 oz fillet of wild caught Alaskan Sockeye salmon topped with a delicious homemade dill cream sauce   20

—  Balsamic-Demi Pork Tenderloin*  —
Pan roasted 8 oz pork tenderloin covered in a homemade mushroom balsamic demi-glace   18



—  Filet Mignon*  —
8 oz USDA Choice Filet Mignon   32

—  New York Steak*  —
12 oz USDA Choice New York Steak   26

—  Ribeye Steak*  —
12 oz USDA Choice Ribeye steak   26


—  Steak Toppings
All steaks topped with homemade Steak Butter

Add four Garlic Butter Prawns   6

Caramelized Onions & Rogue Blue Cheese Crumbles   5

Trails End Pork Chop Sauce   6

Sauteed Mushrooms & Red Wine Demi-Glace   7




A 5% service charge will be added to your check.
The service charge replaces the practice of servers "tipping out" our back of house staff and is 100% used for benefits and increased wages for our team. It is appropriate to
adjust your gratuity accordingly. Thank you for your continued support!


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. If you have any food allergies please let your server know. Although we are as careful as possible when alerted to an allergy, items in our kitchen may have come in contact with your specific allergen.